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PALB2-related cancer susceptibility

PALB2-related cancer susceptibility

PALB2, “Partner and Localizer of BRCA2”, is a gene that plays a role in DNA repair and tumor suppression. It has been suggested that women who carry a mutation in the PALB2 gene have an estimated 2.3 fold increased risk for breast cancer over the general population (Rahman et al 2007. Nature Genetics 39: 165-167). Mutations in PALB2 have also been identified in families with multiple cases of pancreatic cancer (Science 324:217-218, 2009; Clin Genet 78:490-494, 2010). However, the exact risk of pancreatic and breast cancers conferred by this mutation have not been established. Research in this area is ongoing and our understanding of the implications of a PALB2 mutation may change in the future. It is important for patients to keep in contact with the Cancer Risk Program for updates in this area.


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