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About Us

We’re glad you found us here at Kintalk, an educational and family communication site for individuals and their families with hereditary cancer conditions.

shutterstock_109866923 copyGenetic counselors at UCSF developed Kintalk to help people easily and securely share important genetic health information with at risk family members and learn about hereditary cancer syndrome. If you received a private email from a family member inviting you to Kintalk, please follow the login instructions you received in your email to access your family’s confidential files.

By becoming a member of Kintalk, you can interact in the Kintalk community by reading what people are posting on our Kintalk Chat Feed and posting comments and questions as well. You can learn about the newest research in hereditary cancer and keep up with current screening recommendations for specific hereditary cancer syndromes. But the most importantly, you can privately upload your genetic information and invite relatives to view this potentially life saving information.

We will not share your contact information with any outside parties—our goal is only to provide you with valuable information to help you make informed decisions about your health. To read more Kintalk's privacy statement click here.

Mission Statement

In an effort to reduce the burden of cancers in families with a hereditary cancer syndrome, our mission is to increase family communication and awareness of hereditary cancer syndromes. Kintalk provides an innovative, user-friendly, online communication tool for people with hereditary cancer syndromes. Kintalk enables people diagnosed with a hereditary cancer syndrome to share critical genetic risk information with their at-risk relatives in a safe and secure online environment. Kintalk provides a forum where accurate and up to date information is shared, questions are answered, and family members learn if they are at risk for a hereditary cancer syndrome. Kintalk aims to simplify what can sometimes be a difficult task—telling family members about hereditary cancer.

About Us

We are a group of cancer genetics professionals with 20+ years of experience caring for and counseling patients with hereditary cancer syndromes. We have seen many patients struggle with the difficult process of sharing genetic risk information with family members. We know that information shared helps prevents cancer. To ease our patients' concern and worry about how to talk about a specific hereditary cancer syndrome with their at-risk family members, we developed Kintalk.

Our team includes genetic counselors, gastroenterologists, oncologists, surgeons and nurses who all specialize in hereditary cancer syndromes.

The Kintalk Team

Jonathan Terdiman, MD (Board of Directors)

Jonathan P. Terdiman, MDJonathan Terdiman is a Professor of Clinical Medicine and Surgery at UCSF. Dr. Terdiman attended college at Princeton University and medical school at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He joined the UCSF faculty in 1996 where he founded the Colitis and Crohn's Disease Center and the Hereditary Gastrointestinal Cancer Prevention Program.  Dr. Terdiman continues to direct the latter program, and he also serves as the Program Director of the Gastroenterology Fellowship Training program, and as Chief of the gastroenterology service at the UCSF Medical Center.

Dr. Terdiman is an internationally recognized expert in the care of patients at high risk for gastrointestinal cancer. Dr. Terdiman has published over 100 peer reviewed research studies, reviews, editorials and book chapters.  Dr. Terdiman is a leading teacher of medicine, he has received numerous teaching awards and he was elected to the UCSF Academy of Medical Educators.  Dr. Terdiman is a much sought after clinician.  He was named a Champion of Hope in 2012 by the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America and in 2013 the UCSF Department of Medicine named him as a Master Clinician.

Dena Goldberg Linder, MS, LCGC (Kintalk Moderator)

Dena Goldberg is a genetic counselor at the UCSF Cancer Genetics and Prevention Program at Mount Zion, where she sees patients and families at risk for hereditary cancer syndromes. A strong proponent of increasing genetic literacy, she gives her patients and families the knowledge and tools to become strong self-advocates for their health. Her goal is to ensure each family has the most comprehensive and appropriate testing available.

Outside of her work at UCSF, Goldberg has a special interest in hereditary diseases and cancers affecting the Ashkenazi Jewish population, as well as chromosome 18 anomalies. She also has a strong interest in media coverage of genetics.

Goldberg has an M.S. in genetic counseling from UC Irvine and a B.S. in integrative biology from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana. She is licensed and board certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling. She is a member of the National Society of Genetic Counselors, serving on their marketing and communications committee, as well as the American Society of Human Genetics.

Peggy Conrad, MS (Board of Directors)

4650dcc094d49c77bfe2cfd0ba555f91Peggy Conrad, MS, LCGC, 16-year veteran of UCSF's Gastrointestinal Cancer Prevention Program, graduated from UC Berkeley's School of Public Health in 1996 with a Masters degree in genetic counseling.  Peggy's work---patient care and support---included patient care and research into inherited gastrointestinal cancer syndromes.   She was instrumental in developing the Cancer Risk Program's Gastrointestinal Cancer Prevention Program. The recently launched Kintalk Web site reflects the attention to family support that has characterized Peggy's genetic-counseling career.  Recent retirement finds her spending more time with her four grandchildren in Philadelphia and Santa Cruz; although, she continues to play an active role on the Board of Directors for Kintalk.  She enjoys keeping current on things genetic---especially on the factors that influence families affected by gastrointestinal cancers.

Contact Us

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Kintalk Info Flyer

Previous Members:

Megan Myers, MS, LCGC (Former Kintalk Moderator)

Megan Myers is a licensed and certified genetic counselor in the Gastrointestinal Cancer Prevention Clinic, a part of the Cancer Risk Program at the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. Ms. Myers identifies families who are at high risk for hereditary cancer syndromes and provides recommendations to prevent and detect cancer at an early stage, and recommendations for screening and surgeries to prevent or detect cancers that have genetic links. She also provides support to families undergoing genetic risk assessments.

Ms. Myers is involved in the development and implementation of social media tools that help families better communicate and share their genetic information with other at-risk family members. Her most current project,, is a novel web based family communication and educational tool for families with Lynch syndrome. She earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Genetics at the University of California, Davis and a Master's of Science in Genetic Counseling at California State University, Stanislaus. She earned an advanced certificate in Social Media Marketing at the University of San Francisco. Before joining the staff of Cancer Risk Program in 2007, she was a volunteer at UCSF for two years. When not working on Kintalk Ms. Myers enjoys running, the great out doors and spending time with friends and family.