December 9, 2016

PALB2 Research Study: Determining Best Treatment For Breast Cancer in PALB2 Carriers

By UCSFcounselor2


What the study is about: A large research study is currently recruiting females who carry a mutation in their PALB2 gene. Those with a mutation in their PALB2 gene have an increased risk for developing pancreas and breast cancer in their lifetime. The researcher's mission is to determine the best treatment for women with a PALB2 mutation and breast cancer. Through a better understanding, we can personalize breast cancer treatment to increase survival, and determine how to best manage at risk family members to detect cancer early or prevent it.

Who is eligible: Women with a PALB2 mutation who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Learn more: To learn more about the study and how to participate please click on the link below. 


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Posted by @sfcris, Dec 21, 2016

I am interested in participating in the study.


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Posted by @weeters, Dec 21, 2016

link is broken!


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Posted by @ucsfcounselor2, Dec 21, 2016

I just tried the link provided and it seemed to be working. You may want to try again, try this URL or type “Inherited Cancer Registry PALB2 Effort” into Google and the study should come up.

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