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Female Hormonal Factors and How They Effect the Risk of Endometrial Cancer in Lynch Syndrome
Having Lynch syndrome can increase a woman's lifetime risk for endometrial cancer to as high as 60%. There are many other [...]

Aspirin AND Ibuprofen May Reduce Bowel Cancer Risk in Lynch Syndrome
An Australian research team recently conducted a large study looking at the effects of cancer risk in people with Lynch [...]

Lynch Syndrome, Aspirin and Cancer Prevention
Dr Jonathan Terdiman, Gastoenterologist at UCSF, spoke with us about Lynch syndrome, Aspirin and Cancer Prevention. We asked questions like, [...]

Patient Stories:

BearMom_sm1 Barri Babow

Barri Babow was not surprised to learn she had cancer. Describing her reaction to her 2010 diagnosis with triple-negative breast [...]

Asple_tb Fiona Asple

For Fiona Asple, choosing to undergo genetic counseling and testing to determine if she carried the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genetic [...]

Selena-100x117 Selena Martinez

Lynch Syndrome: A Family Affair When 27-year-old Selena Martinez was told she had Lynch syndrome — a genetic disease that [...]


Nutrition for Cancer Prevention and Hereditary Cancer
Kintalk specialist speaks with UCSF registered dietitian, Greta Macaire about diet and exercise’s impact on a person’s risk for cancer. "We work [...]

Comparing Mammography versus MRI for Individuals with a BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation
"Ask the Expert " Series: Podcast 3 "Comparing Mammography versus MRI for Individuals with a BRCA1 or BRCA2  gene mutation" This [...]

“Risk Factors for Breast Cancer”
This podcast features UCSF’s own Lauren Ryan, MS, CGC. Lauren Ryan is a genetic counselor at the UCSF Cancer Risk Program. She [...]


Patient Testimonials:

"What an absolutely wonderful resource for those of us with Lynch syndrome and our families. A big thanks to UCSF for caring and instituting a great communication resource for us."
"Thank you. Your response was the motivation that prompted me to bring the issue up to my Oncologist. In turn he, my Oncologist, is in the process of finding me a another Colorectal Surgeon to consult with. Thank you, again. I am so glad that I found" KINTALK@UCSF!!
"Thank you Megan and Dr. Berger for the fantastic Podcast about skin issues related to Lynch Syndrome. I now feel I can approach my dermatologist with background knowledge, technical terms and descriptions (as well as the Podcast link!!)"